The ebb of time

14022231_1118882444845148_260001204574651907_nI’ve been off cruising aboard Peanut for the last few weeks and It’s given me a lot of time to decompress and think and be. There nothing quite like warm sea breezes and a moonlit night to start wondering about your place in the cosmos. It’s been a good time.

It occurs to me that It’s funny to find oneself in a place without dreams, and I wonder if this is the universal way of things as we reach the denouement of our lives? I’m glad for the dreams, and that I’ve had the luck and privilege of having pretty much achieved what I set out to do. But dreams turned out to be funny things: we have this idea of what we want, where our paths should lead, but once we arrive we discover its not at all what we had imagined. This isn’t a bad thing as dreams work really well at motivating us to walk down unknown roads, but don’t expect to find your destination to be what you thought it would be, because, after all, you’ve never been there.

Dreams take us to all kinds of strange and wondrous places, just not the ones we expected, and in the end, that’s half the fun. But after striving and arriving so much, you eventually realize that there’s no more pursuing to be done.


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Guns, Guns, Guns


As we continue our travels with Thunderbutt in the United States, one thing that is less impressive down here is the guns. While I am well acquainted with the gun debates, the mass killings, and the power of the psychopathic NRA, in past visits to this country my only experience with American weapons fetish was stopping at a gas station in Arizona that had several used pistols for sale. That was an eye-opener, not to mention amusing. Otherwise, their complex gun politics had always been invisible.

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Here we go again

Sailing towards Cape Cook, Brooks Peninsula off the nor’west coast of Vancouver Island

Fainleog is back on the market

Third time lucky is the old saw, and I hope it’s true. Fainleog is up for sale yet again. We reached 5 minutes to midnight this spring when we were a hairsbreadth of selling her, but the time wasn’t quite right. A Vancouver Island circumnavigation under my belt since then (the story soon to be in Pacific Yachting), and it’s time to move on.

I’ll admit it still isn’t easy, but I realize that staying aboard her is like trying to hold back time. I don’t know what our future is, but it’s not with her. I love living aboard and would trust my life to this wonderful, rugged sailboat (as I have in the past) but after over 5 years it’s time to move on. I think that’s the longest I’ve ever lived in one home! I’m not sure where we shall move to, but I know it will be grand in some strange and unexpected way.

Fainleog has been lovingly doted over in the years we have owned her, as she has been the repository of our dreams. And what incredible adventures we have had, I have had, aboard her. I’m honestly excited for the new owner as so much joy and wonder awaits them.

I know I’m a fool; she is after all nothing more than a cobbled-together assemblage of spun glass, petrochemicals, stainless steel, teak and plastics. But when those raw ingredients are assembled in the shape of a tough, seaworthy sailing yacht, it feels like something fabulous is created. She has shown me an incredibly beautiful part of the world I never would have known without her. She has shown me to possess a courage I never knew I possessed, a resourcefulness I’ve never needed before. The challenges she put before me allowed me to grow in ways I never expected, and I’m grateful to her, her famed designer Ray Wall, and all the tradespeople and staff at CS Yachts that built her over 30 years ago. They all did a such a fantastic job, which is why she is still capable of sailing the world’s seas.

Maybe someday we’ll own a bigger yacht so Tracy can enjoy living aboard more, maybe I’ll just buy a smaller one that I can enjoy alone, but I’ll leave that to the future. First step is handing her off to the next owner who will doubtless have as amazing a time with her as we did.


The details are available on our website



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