Blipcare Worlds 1st Wi-Fi Blood Pressure Monitor, Tracks Data on Smart Phones, Two Users

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Blipcare Worlds 1st Wi-Fi Blood Pressure Monitor, Tracks Data on Smart Phones, Two Users Description

Product Description The Blip Wi-Fi blood pressure monitor has several unique features. It is easy to setup and use, supports two user accounts, can be shared between husband and wife or it can be used to monitor left vs. right arm measurements, or even sitting vs. standing readings! Unlike with Bluetooth-based blood pressure meters, you don’t need to have a smart phone, turn on Bluetooth or start an app to just to upload readings. All you have to do is take a reading and it is automatically uploaded using your home Wi-Fi network. The meter connects to all standard 802.11/b/g/n Wi-Fi networks including both 20mhz and 40mhz bands and supports WEP/WPA/WPA2 security protocols. You can set up reminders in your web account and your BP meter will generate audible beeps to alert you if you forget to take a reading. Unlike a simple alarm clock, it is smart and will only remind if you have NOT taken a reading. Using our meter, you can monitor parents or other loved ones remotely across the world and assure yourself that they are alright. All they need is Wi-Fi at home and you can get notifications on email, web or smartphone. You can use our advanced analytical reports and learn more about blood pressure averages, peak and circadian rhythm, etc. You can share these reports to have a more informed conversation with your caregiver or doctor. From the Manufacturer Elegant and Functional Design Keep It Simple! The Blip Blood Pressure Monitor is designed to be as simple to use as possible. Just place the cuff on your arm and press a User button. The BP will automatically take your reading, connect to your Wi-Fi and transmit to your online account, all without any further input from you! There is no need for a smartphone, Bluetooth device or the activation of an app the way our competitors require. Easily Organize and Share Your Blood Pressure Data The BP itself is only one part of the equation. Once you set up the free account, you can track your data from any computer, tablet or smartphone! You can forward data to your doctor, coaching program or personal health record (PHR). All this and more with a simple user interface anyone can use! Reliable Transmission This is the world’s 1st Wi-Fi Blood Pressure monitor. Unlike Bluetooth, users don’t need a smart phone to upload their readings. They can just use their home Wi-Fi network. Multi-User Compatible The Blip BP supports 2 user buttons! Each user can track his or her data on the web. Some even use it to track left vs. right arm readings or standing vs. sitting readgins! Simple Design No cables to plug in, just take a reading and it’s sent automatically! It can even store over 800 readings in its memory and re-transmit them when a previously downed network comes back online. Improving Health One Blip at a Time Our goal is to help our users learn more about their health and stay connected with their loved ones by sharing their data with them. Their blood pressure data trends can provide insights to help better manage any health conditions they may have. The Blip Blood Pressure Monitor has been designed to be as economical as possible so that blood pressure monitoring is made available to as many people as possible. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Wireless BP Monitor How did you come up with the idea for this product? It was due to a personal family incident that we initially became interested in developing ways to make telehealth and remote monitoring more readily available to the average person. To meet that goal, we have developed a line of health products that enable the user to maintain his/her own health or give to their loved ones for that same end. What makes your product special? This is the only true Wi-Fi Blood pressure meter in the World. All other meters are Bluetooth based, requiring the use of a smart phone, turn on the App and then take a reading. Bluetooth range is also a limiting factor. With the Blipcare Blood Pressure Monitor, all the user has to do is take a reading and it does the rest. Also, if you take the meter with you on a trip (it will be away from your Wi-Fi), the meter will store up to 800 date/time stamped readings and upload them when you get back home. No readings are lost! What has been the best part of your startup experience? It is very rewarding to see how people are buying our Blood Pressure Meter and shipping it all over the World to their parents. They track their parents’ health using their smart phones (using our Blipcare app) from where ever they are. It is very touching to see how they are using this as an expression of love for their family members. We have also seen our Blood Pressure Monitor used in a very large orthostatic hypotension clinical study assigning User 1 to sitting measurements and User 2 to standing measurement!

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