BodyRelief Foot Pads Package of 10 Patches

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BodyRelief Foot Pads Package of 10 Patches Description

10 Pads/Pct: 5 nights on, 2 off, good for 1 wk. Recommend 4 packets to start with, budget permitting. Simply the Best! And Easy as 1-2-3! Compare BodyRelief to Lower Quality Products! Simple, the Highest of Quality, Effective and with: – No Foil backing which prevents evaporation and shortens useful life.- No filler ingredients. Other ingredients are questionable. Ask ‘Is it possible for a product to contain that?’ (Example: Some products list Negative Ions as an ingredient. That is not much different from saying their product contains sunshine!) – No animal products such as chitosan (shell-fish) which is there for its anti-bacterial properties (and not for absorbing fat as some would have you believe.) Our product has such a high percentage of wood vinegar, it needs no added anti-bacterial.- No industrial by-product wood vinegar (often bamboo) – Sealed properly to avoid a loss in effectiveness due to exposure to moisture.5+ grms (as compared to 3.5 or even less for most)

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