Comfort Cool Ulnar Nerve Elbow, Size: L

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Comfort Cool Ulnar Nerve Elbow, Size: L Description

Allows greater functional use of the arm because the elbow is not totally immobilized. Comfort Cool® Ulnar Nerve Elbow Orthosis provides protection and support for bursitis, ulnar nerve irritation, tendinitis and post-surgical repair. Made of 1/16′ (1.6mm) perforated neoprene with a soft terrycloth liner. Circumferential design with open proximal end is easy to put on and adjust. Mold the precut, 1/8′ (3.2mm) Prism™ splint insert to custom fit the elbow at the flexion limit. Design allows the elbow to move from full extension to the limited flexion position, protecting the ulnar nerve from damaging tension. Removable gel pad protects the vulnerable posterior elbow from painful bumps and pressure points. Includes thermoplastic insert, neoprene support and gel elbow pad. Universal left or right. To size, measure elbow circumference. If between sizes, choose the larger size.

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