Enemeez Plus Enema-Jar of 30 Disposable Tubes-Each

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Enemeez Plus Enema-Jar of 30 Disposable Tubes-Each Description

Enemeez Mini Regular and Enemeez Mini Plus stool softeners are new Enemeez products that are direct replacements for the discontinued Therevac products. Mini Enemeez contain the same active and inactive ingredients. Enemeez however does offer one advantage over Therevac. Enemeez is easier to use. Rather than having to cut open the applicator, Enemeez has a simple twist off top. Enemeez also ships in a plastic jar which is less prone to breakage than the glass jar which the Therevac Enemas were contained in. The Enemeez Mini Plus is exactly the same as the Enemeez Mini Regular except that it contains 20 mg Benzocaine, which is a topical pain reliever commonly used in topical ointments. Enemeez is manufactured by Alliance Labs The following was adapted from the manufacturer’s requirements. When To Use Enemeez Enemas Enemeez Enemas are employed for the relief of constipation due to infrequent or difficult bowel movements. The Enemeez Enema penetrates and softens the stool, thereby promoting bowel movement and Colon Care. Enemeez Enemas are indicated for dyschezia, lesions of the anus that make defecation painful, impaction associated with megacolon, anal fissure, and postoperative atresia. Enemeez Enemas have been employed successfully in bedridden patients and those patients with decreased mobility in a patient group from child to adult. Enemeez Enemas have also been used with acute rehabilitation patients with such diagnoses as spinal cord injuries, cerebral vascular accidents, fractures, joint replacements, and closed head injuries. In bowel management programs, Enemeez Enemas help establish a more predictable bowel routine along with reducing the likelihood of bowel accidents and incontinence. The Enemeez Plus Enema also contains Benzocaine to anesthetize the rectum and lower bowel; and is beneficial when an anesthetic is needed to prevent hyperreflexia crisis or painful bowel movement.

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