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OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier, with Quasar LS Lights

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OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier, with Quasar LS Lights Description

The OptiVISOR Headband with Quasar LS Lights will help you see better to do better work! The OptiVISOR flip-up magnifier frees both hands for inlaying, wiring, fret dressing and other close work.The OptiVISOR comes with 2X magnification lens with a 10′ (25.4cm) focal length — good for medium-close work like pearl cutting, inlaying, engraving and fret-dressing. The lenses are removable so you can switch to the 1.5X lens (sold separately), which gives you the option of a broader view.Snap the Quasar LS™ high-intensity lights on the front of your OptiVISOR and really light up your work! High efficiency LEDs (light emitting diodes) surround the lenses to virtually eliminate shadows in hard-to-light areas. The lightweight battery box (with on/off switch) attaches easily to the OptiVISOR frame. Two AA batteries are included.’However did I manage without it?’ —Stefan Sobell, renowned luthier Northumberland, EnglandIf you’ve watched our videos, you know ace repairman Dan Erlewine is seldom without his OptiVISOR!Lenses are optically-ground polished glass. Headband is adjustable and comfortably padded.What’s included:OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier2X magnification lens (with a 10′ (25.4cm) focal length)Quasar LS™ high-intensity lightsLightweight battery box (with on/off switch)Two AA batteries

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