Pneu Neck II Portable Cervical Traction

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Pneu Neck II Portable Cervical Traction Description

Pneu Neck II This portable cervical neck traction unit provides adjustable traction therapy and slowly inflates with air providing an even and gentle stretch to help relieve neck, head and shoulder stiffness, and stress. This unit is portable and comes with a soft, comfortable velour cover. Features: Designed with three layers to prevent control and diminish painful neck and shoulder discomfort Gently inflates with air to alleviate pressure on pinched nerves and muscle tightness within minutes of use Easy-to-use and ideal for traveling Elongates the neck and lowers pressure between discs Soft velour cover enhances comfort and features adjustable hood and loop tabs to compliment most neck sizes Large/X-Large (17 – 24) Provides Fast Relief for a Number of Conditions: Neck pain Tension Tight muscles Joint pain Disc pressure Pinched nerves Osteoarthritis Degenerative Disc and joints Tension headaches

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