Pro-Tec Athletics J-Lat Lateral Subluxation Support

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Pro-Tec Athletics J-Lat Lateral Subluxation Support Description

The Pro-Tec J-Lat knee support improves patella tracking in cases of lateral patella subluxation (the patella becomes partially off track) and dislocation (the patella becomes fully off track). How does the Pro-Tec J-Lat knee support work? The support provides lateral tracking control by means of two elastic straps with Velcro fasteners. These straps stretch over J shaped tubing and help guide patella into its proper femoral groove. The compression surrounding the patella will help keep it in the correct position. This high quality support also has spiral stays to provide additional structure support. The brace is made from thick neoprene to help retain therapeutic body heat which aids healing and relieves pain, the sleeve also provides firm compression and soft tissue support.Sizing Chart:R or L Small (13-Inch-14 ½-Inch)R or L Medium (14 ½-Inch-16-Inch)R or L Large (16-Inch-18-Inch)R or L Xlarge (18-Inch-20-Inch)R or L XXLarge (20-Inch-22-Inch)(Circumference measured 3-Inch above kneecap. Specify right or left knee)

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